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Resources and Equipment to Protect Your Home from Wildfire


Get Ready NOW!

Don't wait to prepare yourself and your home for a wildfire. If you plan to stay and defend your home it's urged you take the time NOW to educate yourself on fire behavior and firefighting tactics well in advance of a fire.  Use the following list as a guide to getting started:

  • Outfit Yourself with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  

    • ​Boots, Nomex Pants and Shirt, Gloves, Hardhat/Helmet, Face Shield, Headlamp and Hand-held Radio.

  • Home Defense Firefighting Equipment:

    • Hose and Fittings, Water Tank, Pump, Hand Tools 

  • Learn Fire Behavior & Proper Firefighting Tactics: 

    • Fire Triangle, Terrain, Ember Storms, Fog vs Straight Stream​, How to Safely Approach Flames, Know When to Leave, Use of Hand Tools, Mop-up, Fire Following Tactics. 

Email Phil Seymour to find out more about the Community Defense Team and the 2023 training schedule. 

Painted Cave Wildfire Evacuation Guide

Living in a high fire danger zone requires planning and preparation before an incident occurs. Regularly performing fire safety measures inside and outside of your home frees up precious time for taking care of the final preparations before a wildfire evacuation is ordered. To help you get ready well ahead of time, we've created the MET Painted Cave Wildfire Evacuation Guide and the MET Emergency Evacuation List to download and print. 

Home Defense

Download the MET Emergency Evacuation List (PDF)

Maps and Info
Public Safety Info
Local Weather
Peak Cameras

Home Fire Defense Kit

If you want to equip your home with a fire defense kit here are some recommendations on what to include:  

  • External Water Tank (Min. of 500 Gallons, 1000 Preferred) 

  • Hose Wrench and Hose Clamp

  • 200' of 1" Hose 

  • Reducer(s), if connecting to a hydrant

  • Nozzle 

  • Water Pump 

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

Supplies can be purchased at a variety of fire equipment suppliers, including:

Prepare for Wildfire 

Are you as prepared as you could be? Take the 5-minute CalFire Survey to see what else you can do to protect your home: ​

Community Maps, Plans, and Ember Station Information

Below is a list of downloadable documents including community maps, county plans, and ember station info. 

Public Safety Information

Local Weather Links

Peak Cameras

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